Harbour Authority
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The L'Anse au Loup Harbour Authority has been incorporated since 1991 but its present modern facility has been in place since 1987. Prior to this, a wharf existed for over 40 years next to the location of the Labrador Fishermen's Union Shrimp Company Limited. The old facility catered to a number of fisheries related issues for both the fish-processing plant and coastal shipping vessels which frequented the facility on a regular basis. With the advent of a car/passenger ferry service in the 1960s crossing the Strait of Belle Isle between Blanc Sablon, Quebec and St. Barbe, Newfoundland, coastal shipping became a lesser concern.
Port of L'Anse-Au-Loup (larger version)
Since 1987, the current facility has grown to become one of the busiest ports for both L'Anse au Loup and the Labrador Straits Region in general. It offers the following services:

  • 20 long liners from the immediate area, plus mid and deep sea draggers and turbot boats;
  • Over 50 small crafts from the local area which dock at the marina on a regular basis;
  • Vessels in excess of 450 feet which supply road salt for the Provincial Department of Transportation and Works Depot in L'Anse au Loup and other areas;
  • Sand and gravel carriers which transport road-sand and gravel from the L'Anse au Loup Harbour to various other ports;
  • Two middle-distance turbot fishing vessels that visit this harbour on a regular basis;
  • There are a number of other vessels which frequent the facility on a regular basis in the summer months.These crafts are mainly from the coast of Labrador, the Northern Peninsula and the West Coast of Newfoundland as well as from the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Quebec.
  • With its modern small-craft landing facility; electrical services; and the recent installation of laundromat and shower services; recreation vessels from near and far use the port regularly (including an occasional Cruise-ship).
  • This harbour is also the preferred location for both tug boats, seeking shelter from stormy seas, and for the Canadian Coast Guard operating in the Strait of Belle Isle.
Kevin Normore, Harbour Supervisor: Kevin is considered an integral part of the Harbour Authority's day-to-day business and activities. As Harbour Supervisor, he is a wealth of information and works under the direction of the L'Anse-Au-Loup Harbour Authority. For information contact Nelson at: 709 927-5208 (during navigation season).Otherwise contact the town staff.
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